Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life

OK, hopefully you already read Winter and Spring, so let’s move on to Summer and Fall!  Spoilers ahead! Don’t say you weren’t warned.


We open at the Stars Hollow municipal pool.  I was definitely excited for this because the way tv seasons work, we never saw summer with the Gilmore girls.  There is a crazy amount of fat shaming that goes on in this scene, which I could definitely do without.  Fat jokes are bottom barrel, if you ask me, and I am not impressed by this particular runner.  Rory is not back, everyone!  She’s not back!  I know it’s “good to have Rory back”, says one random background voice (does Rory even have peers in SH besides Lane?) but she is most definitely not back, ok?

April is eating dinner at Luke and Lorelei’s, dressed like a college hippy, and talking about marching for marijuana.  It’s a very funny scene and I love April’s delivery on all her lines. I never hated April as much as I hated Anna, and I am thrilled to say that she does not appear through these episodes.  Eventually, this leads to April having a panic attack in Rory’s room, spurred by the fact that Rory is back (“I’m not back”) but they have some sisterly time as Rory calms April down while secretly freaking out inside because she, like April, feels really lost and unsure about her own future.

Cut to Rory on the steps outside calling Logan who is not her boyfriend and is in fact actually Odette’s future husband.  Rory wants to move her London booty call trip up to the next day because she isn’t doing anything and is bored and Logan says that she can come this week but stay in a hotel because his fiancee lives with him now and Rory seems offended by this?  Come on, girl.  You know what this is.  Now you’re “a geisha” but in Winter it was “what happens in Vegas”?  This is just like their first go around and I’m expecting the Twickham house and Founder’s Day punch to factor into this.

Rory is so rude to everyone welcoming her home, another 30 year old the world has chewed up and spit out and sent back to their parent’s homes.  And again, I get it, she’s feeling stressed out and unhappy, but appreciate all the love and attention, Rory.  Yeesh.  Speaking of the 30-something gang, there’s another Bunhead alum in there, Bailey De Young who played Ginny.  I loved Bunheads.  Bring THAT back too, Netflix!  Taylor tells the town that he’s putting together a musical about Stars Hollow amid a loud HVAC system that keeps turning on and off (did I mention this was another Daniel episode?) allowing Lorelei to scream something inappropriate about Taylor when the sound suddenly stops.

Taylor says that The Stars Hollow Gazette is shutting down since there is no editor, so you can already see that Rory is going to be filling that spot.  She is super rude to the 30 something gang one more time before the scene ends, saying that she doesn’t want to talk to them (“Excuse me everybody… most everybody” aka NOT YOU 30 SOMETHING GANG).  Bootsy looks totally different.  Is that really Bootsy?

Lorelei and Rory are now fat shaming people at the pool while talking in fake Southern accents and bossing children around that they have taught to call them “M’lady” and “Khalessi”.  It’s… unsettling at best and totally Daniel.  These scenes make it hard for me to root for my girls.  Especially when one of the kids looks longingly at children having fun in the sprinklers and wistfully sighs, “that looks like fun” while carrying things like a Gilmore sherpa.

Patty and Babette at a table, Miss Patty totally unrecognizable.  And then we hear Sutton Foster’s incomparable singing!  I know a lot of people feel this storyline is dumb and went on way too long (it is about 10 minutes) but I loved it.  I really did.  Sutton and Christian Borle, real-life exes and two bonafide Broadway stars, are fantastic.  Rory looks like a gorgeous hippy and Taylor says a woman is “hot” which is totally bizarre.  Claudia, the therapist, also has a great set of pipes on her!  I looked it up: her name is Kerry Butler and she is also a Broadway-trained actress.  Makes sense.

Michelle is back from his trip to New York and wants to go out with Lorelei for a drink and to talk, ostensibly about leaving the Dragonfly, which is what she has been fearing since Winter.  They go to the Secret Bar (I love a good payoff from an otherwise one-off line) and Zach and Lane are there too, playing background music.  Michelle tells Lorelei he needs more than their inn, although he would stay if she would expand, which she explains is impossible in the property they own.  It’s sad, and their friendship feels real and lived in.  There’s a funny moment when Taylor comes by and they all make the Secret Bar disappear, although it seemed like it could have used one more beat before “all clear” but that’s just nit picking.

Rory acts totally put out at the Stars Hollow Gazette but she isn’t getting paid and is there only because she wants to be so… I don’t know.  What’s your damage, Heather?  She also has decided that there will be no seasonal poem which begs the question of how often does this paper come out?  Surely not only 4 times a year.

Luke is working at the Dragonfly instead of his own diner.  Again, we have seen this story before but it’s ok.  Lorelei and Rory need to deliver all the Gazettes because wacky hijinks.  There’s a silly but fun montage set to “These Boots are Made for Walking” as they deliver papers all around town until Lorelei enlists kids, breaking all suspension of disbelief and child labor laws in one fell swoop.  Rory seems angry and put upon in this whole scene which again begs to ask why she’s even doing this.  Maybe she needs to borrow her grandmother’s book because she does not seem to be finding joy in this endeavor.  She’s walking around, throwing papers into people’s cars, looking stunning in a sundress, and yelling at Doyle on the phone.  How big is this postcard town anyway?  In fairness though, I wouldn’t want to hang out with the 30 something gang either.

The next day the ladies are tired, but Lorelei is KILLING in a pencil skirt and button down tank top combo.  Slay, queen.  Rory calls Emily to check on her and she’s sleeping at noon, like a dock worker!  That’s the second dock worker joke of this reboot (the other was a Les Mis reference in the opening dialogue).  Rory is really thrown by her grandmother’s fogginess and erratic behavior and snipes at Lorelei about not being there for Emily, but I agree with Lorelei here that Emily was in the wrong for quitting therapy.

Time for the musical!  Wow, are we excited about this!  I sure am, Taylor.  This part reminds me of Waiting for Guffman, one of my all-time favorite movies!  It opens with a bizarre and violent scene, which causes Lorelei to exclaim, “What the f–” and it’s so dramatic and jarring and then suddenly the lights flicker and Sutton and Christian, named Violet and Carl here, are pilgrims and the commitment to these songs is a real highlight for me, but I understand many will feel that this should have been a much smaller part of the show.  Not me, though!  Like Luke told Lorelei 11 years ago, “I’m all in.”  The rest of the audience is too although Lorelei, truly being the only sane person in the room, finds the play to be horrific (which it is, even if it makes me laugh… I’m laughing at it, not with it).  “My god your balls are freezing” is SUCH a Daniel line.  They used to get Taylor to say some hilariously dirty things as well.  So the actors sing about their incestuous relationship, as well as how they will hope that 3/14 of their future children will live, and spin on stools and clap their hands.  Lorelei is taking so many notes that she needs to borrow pens and clipboards.  There is so much pandering to the audience in the play, it’s so hilarious.  Suddenly, there is a Hamilton-style rap that references the Broadway hit.  It’s tonally inconsistent but that is totally the joke and I was loving it.  Every time they flash to the audience, they are riveted.  “And poo-poo-poo-Putin”… then, related to nothing, the music is cheerful and the dancing is happy and then the cast is tap dancing (way better than Rory does) and then they’re in a kick line!  Then they all come back to sing Waterloo.  The crowd: pleased.  Lorelei: horrified.   But she stands and claps and fake smiles with the best of them.  Classic Gilmore.

At the advisory council, it’s all raves.  “It moves, it breathes…” Babette says something sort of anti-semitic to make sure the tone deafness spreads around.  When Lorelei dares to question the violent opening scene, Taylor claims it was blessed by his Mentor Edward Albee, author of Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf, but really he saw him once in a diner and never heard from him again.   Sophie, played by Carole King who sings the original Gilmore Girls theme song, offers Taylor one of her songs, her original piece “I Feel the Earth Move” but he tells her it’s not catchy in a very funny bit.  Lorelei is unanimously shut down and leaves the theater to be accosted by Violet, chain-smoking, who leaves while thanking Lorelei for all the doubt.  There’s a nice callback here to Lorelei having been in You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown, which she and Christopher had discussed in the episode in Season 1 where Rory meets her paternal grandparents.

DAR business at Emily’s house.  She is clearly not as into it as she used to be.  We hear that Berta is still cooking whatever and doing whatever but Emily seems ok with it all, which is kind of a relief from how uptight she always was.  Rory comes to visit Emily, and check on her, and is stunned to see that there’s a TV in the living room and hear that Emily has been eating on a tv tray watching movies and PBS on the living room TV.  When she expressed concern to Lorelei, Rory is informed that they will be going to the gravesite to see the new stone as Emily has sent them all back because they are incorrect and have been riddled with typos.

And then we are back at the Gazette and who should saunter in but Jess Mariano.  I’ve been really enjoying Milo on This is Us, so it was not a surprise to see how he’s aged, which is well.  Another issue of the Gazette has just come out, with the poem back on the front, so obviously they do publish more frequently than 4 times a year so I don’t really get the seasonal thing.  Liz and TJ are still in a cult, and I am so sad that we never get to see them.  I love Liz and TJ!  Rory drinks with Jess at her desk, as she had with her mother earlier in the episode, and I’m a little concerned by Rory’s daytime drinking habits.  Rory still needs to break up with Paul, poor Paul, and she’s snotty to Esther.  Do Esther and Charlie get paid?  She tells Jess that she can’t find her underwear and can’t afford anymore (I call major bull on that, Rory; you are not hurting for money).  Rory has a bit of a breakdown talking to Jess, expressing how much of a failure she feels and how everyone can smell it on her.  Jess tells her to write a book about her and her mother and she seems interested as he leaves.  Maybe this is the passion project she’s been waiting for.

Rory starts researching her mother’s history in Stars Hollow.  The Gazette really published an article about a teen mom arriving in town?  Ok.  Berta and her family are still all over the house, and Berta says that Emily is the kindest woman she has ever met.  Emily has a male friend there, an actor I recognize from Twin Peaks and who was at Richard’s funeral.  Lorelei is appropriately thrown by this man, Jack, being there on the stone unveiling day.  Kelly Bishop is teeny tiny.  Lorelei calls Rory, who is running late, to express her shock at Emily and Jack which becomes a fight with Emily about it as well.

At the cemetery, the stone is still not right, but Lorelei seems very understanding about Emily’s need to get it right.  Rory tells Lorelei, while they are alone, about the book she is working on and Lorelei gets mad. She says that Rory doesn’t have permission to tell her story and I can actually see both sides here.  Lorelei can be a very private person, but it’s Rory’s story too and this is something she feels passionately about.  It’s a compelling story, Lorelei!  God knows I’ve been watching and re-watching it for 15 years!  Lorelei gets like she gets when she’s mad, throwing shade and calling Rory “kid”.  Lorelei has made mistakes, and is aware of that, and doesn’t want them to be printed for the entire world to see.  She’s not always as confident as she seems.  But I understand what Lorelei is saying too, that for 32 years she has given everything she has to Rory, and Rory doesn’t get to have her life story as well.  It’s a hard scene.

Already upset, Lorelei shows up to the diner and has a fight with Luke over his not wanting her to make coffee, perceived grumpiness, and the secrets they have been keeping from each other (his looking at properties, her going to therapy alone).  They go at it until everyone in the diner is so uncomfortable that they leave.  In this fight, Luke makes it clear that Emily wasn’t wrong in saying that Lorelei has dictated the way everything has gone in their relationship.  He let her call all the shots the whole time because he was so scared that he wouldn’t be able to offer her enough.  These are traits well established in the original series so it feels right here.

Rory is telling Lane about the fight with her mom and she keeps calling Logan, instinctually.  No, girl.  He’s not your boyfriend.  You don’t get to call him or plan trips with him or any of the things that you have been doing.  You have no claim to this relationship.  Lane offers Rory some Lipitor which is funny and bizarre.  Logan and Rory do talk and she ends it, saying they can’t even breakup because they are nothing.

And then Sutton is singing an amazing song that sounds tailor-made for Lorelei about how “the map of my life should be clear and precise” but it’s not and that she is “not unbreakable” and is in fact “breaking right now”.  It even has a line about “me and a dog”.  It’s so beautifully sung and Lauren Graham has always killed crying scenes and it’s pretty flawless as the spotlight moves from Sutton to Lauren.  Lorelei seems to be gutted by the line of “it’s never or now” even as the rest of the audience declares the song a bore.  Lorelei looks amazing in this scene as well, in another great pencil skirt and a statement purse, as she tells Luke that she needs to go away for awhile to “do Wild“, the book not the movie, and explore the Pacific Crest Trail alone because, like the song said, it’s never or now.  And that is how Summer ends.


What are the final four words?  In another 90 minutes, we will know how Amy intended to end this series 10 years ago, before she left the show in someone else’s hands.  This is an Amy episode.  It opens with Lorelei in California, getting ready for her hike.  It’s very reminiscent of Wild, the movie, with the packing of the pack.  This is another storyline which people feel took up too much of the revival, but I think it’s a necessary act.

Lots of cameos in California.  There’s Stacey Oristano from Bunheads that Lorelei befriends at the campsite, and Jason Ritter who played Lauren Graham’s boyfriend on Parenthood as a park ranger.

OK.  Rory is getting some weird signals.  It says “Get Ready” on her computer and then Kirk’s pig runs by with a sandwich board with another message about an impending rumpus.  Rory seems thrown.

Back at Luke’s diner, everyone is on wifi and Luke is totally out of it.  Jess comes by and is trying to talk to Luke who is totally distracted.  He finally gets him to sit down with him, after telling him that Liz and TJ have been kicked out of the cult for being too weird and having Luke totally not hear him.  Luke admits that he thinks Lorelei is leaving him and Jess can’t really dismiss him based on the facts of the situation.

Lorelei bonds with the other women on the trail, and she confides in them that she is there not because of drug addiction or family problems, but because “lately, I don’t know, things seems hazier… suddenly I feel like I’m standing still, like the whole world is moving and I am standing completely still.”  You wish she could have told Luke this, but I think it’s good she’s telling someone.

Oh, god; this scene.  OK, so neon signs are changing, men on unicycles are speaking in rhymes, crows are telling Rory to get ready and Esther, with a flashlight under her face says “in omnia paratus” before Colin, Finn, and Robert appear in gorilla masks and Steampunk outfits.  They walk menacingly around and around Rory talking about how pale and depressed she looks.  Then Logan is there too and they give Rory a costume to wear and they’re hooting and hollering in the streets and walking in a line and playing golf on a rooftop and watching Kirk’s movie and they have broken into Doose’s market and are literally throwing money around and I HATED THIS SOOOOOO MUCH FLAMES AROUND THE SIDES OF MY FACE.  Oh my god, I hated this.  I hated the Across the Universe music, how tonally inappropriate the entire thing was.  Then they’re running to a jazz club where? Are they still in Connecticut?  Is it still 2016? And everyone is dancing synchronized and Rory and Logan are having a romantic moment while Colin buys the whole club to make them stop playing Tango music and every time any of them speak it sounds so fake and I hate hate hate hate hate The Life and Death Brigade.  Logan offers Rory a house, his family’s house in Maine, where she can work on her book and be waited on hand and foot like the right proper mistress she is.  To her credit, Rory declines, but not until the following day.  In this moment, she takes the key and in the same breath asks if he’s really going to marry Odette.  “That’s the dynastic plan,” he replies.  Then they are all at a bed and breakfast, where nobody works or stays because they have “bought the place out” because that’s something that people do in this world.  What’s in this for Colin, Finn, and Robert?  We know what’s in it for Logan as Rory kisses him and tells him to show her his room.

Back to Lorelei and her pack.  She still hasn’t actually hiked because the first day it was bad hiking conditions.  She’s off to give it another shot but not until we go back to see how Rory is.  She’s looking wistfully out a window, asking a hedging Logan when he’s leaving, which is in a few hours.  She realizes how dumb this is, to have slept with him again, to have fallen back into this again, and she’s never looked better than she does when she gives him back the key because she knows where she’s going to write.  She goes to get ready for breakfast but by the time they’re all downstairs she has already called a car to come and get her and then she does a whole Wizard of Oz routine where she tells them all she loves them.  Again, they all speak so scripted and it seems so fake.  I hate them together.  I said what I said.  Finn tells Rory to “stay photogenic”, and leaves with a “how novel” just like he did oh so many years ago.  Rory tells Logan she has no regrets, but that”every ride has to end” and they kiss goodbye and it’s sort of sad but also a relationship that I can’t get behind.

For real then, back to Lorelei, and a cameo by Peter Krause as a different park ranger.  Peter played Lauren Graham’s brother on Parenthood and is her boyfriend in real life.  She can’t get her permit out of her bag and tries to charm him into letting her go anyway but it doesn’t work so she just… goes back to her room?  It’s so defeatist.  Dig your permit out of your bag, girl!  Then repack it!  Like you said, you came all the way from Connecticut to hike this trail so hike this freaking trail!  This rings false to me but whatever.  Lorelei gets in her car and goes to find some coffee but the place she finds is closed.  While walking around it, she sees a hill and walks up it to find herself in some pretty stunning nature.  She stands there thinking for a minute before pulling out her phone to call Emily and tell her a really moving story about Richard and her 13th birthday.  I cried each time I watched this scene because Lauren Graham is perfection and hits these emotional notes like no other.  She has been robbed of Emmy nominations.  This is such a good payoff from that terrible story she tells in Winter.  This is so necessary for closure between these two women.

And with that done, Lorelei leaves her pack with a FREE sign (she was always terrible with money) and she heads home.  She is wearing a different outfit, however, so it may not be the same day although she says that she showered.  Anyway, she comes in and tells Luke that she only wanted to go to figure things out and she did that but before she can tell him what her epiphany was Luke is begging her to not leave.  He tells her he knows all his flaws, but he loves her and has always loved her, and finally she says that she just wants to get married.  It’s a good rant.  It’s classic Luke and Lorelei.  She’s right, they’ve waited way too long, because they both wanted to be married.  He goes and gets the original ring and it’s very sweet.

Emily is in Nantucket with Berta and her whole family, looking relaxed and awesome.  Jack is there too, but he can’t stay and honestly it looks like Emily can’t get him out of there fast enough.  He was going to take her to the Whaling Museum, but Emily doesn’t really need any man to take her there, she can take herself.  She drinks and listens to music (“Some People”, but Emily DOES know she’s alive!  There are some solid music cues.) and checks out the brochure for the museum before heading over there herself.  Once there, she listens to the boring docent barely capable of keeping the children’s attention.  She seems fascinated by the museum, if not the talk.

Rory is heading to the Gilmore Manor, which is empty.  This is the place she will write and the whole way these scenes are shot, with Sam Philips’ La Las, is gorgeous and emotional.  I loved the flashbacks we get to the earlier scenes, as well as the dialogue.  Rory gazes upon the scene of so many Friday night dinners.  I heard Richard’s voice when I read, “Emily, I beg of you, cheese!” on the board in the kitchen.  And when Rory opens the office door and he’s there working, don’t tell me you didn’t cry!  Don’t you have a soul?  And it’s there, at Richard’s desk, sitting under a portrait of herself, that Rory takes out her MacBook and starts writing her story.

Michelle and Lorelei are interviewing people for Michelle’s job but he’s being rude to people, natch, because he doesn’t want anyone else working there which is very unfair since he’s the one leaving.  Lorelei needs to take a call so she leaves Michelle alone to torture people.

In the next scene, Lorelei is looking beyond fierce in skinny pants and a perfect pea coat and a wide brimmed hat.  She has stumbled into some real estate, an old age home run by nuns who are leaving because their last client has passed away.  Clearly, Lorelei is looking to add onto the inn and keep Michelle.  Katy Perry may be her competition, but Lorelei isn’t one to back down from a fight.

Rory has come to Luke and Lorelei’s to make up with her mom.  She offers her the first three chapters of her book The Gilmore Girls to read, promising that if her mother finds it too invasive she will just throw it out.  Lorelei is scared that Rory will hate her if that were really to happen.  They discuss the wedding, which will be on the first day of the Harvest Festival because I guess Stars Hollow has never shied away from letting Lorelei take over the town.

This scene!  LOVE!  Emily is at the DAR, vetting a candidate, and she is totally over it.  She gets up in the middle of the talk to get a macaroon and rolls her eyes a lot.  When the leader tells the applicant that they’ll be getting back to her, Emily screams “bullshit”, which she goes on to say a few more times too!  She lets the “trophy wife”, whom she calls honey and objectifies, know exactly how these things go and how they buy things and drink tea and how it’s all so pointless.  This scene is amazing, amazing, amazing.  In the end, she is told that she’s out of the DAR, and our Emily could not care less.  “This whole thing is dead to me anyhow; it died with Richard,” she says as her parting words because she is done with “artifice and bullshit” and it’s so, so, so good.

Luke and Lorelei are planning their wedding invites and Luke tells Lorelei that he’s friends with Keifer Sutherland.  Miss Celine is there being herself and it’s awesome! Rory makes an appointment and seems totally wigged by it.  On first watch, I thought it was to see Christopher, and that she was unnerved because of feelings that were coming up from writing the book, but in hindsight, I think it was a doctor’s appointment she went to first, and then, after finding out she was pregnant, she went to see Christopher to figure out what role, if any, Logan should play.  See, she definitely got pregnant in that stupid Life and Death Brigade scene.  She tells Christopher she’s “5 by 5” which is a Buffy reference that means she’s all good, she is heard and understood, and is also a bit of a cannon callback as Amy has said she used to marathon Buffy while writing Gilmore.  So Rory is offered money by Christopher; again, financial struggles are not Rory’s struggles.  She tells her dad about the book and asks him how he felt about Lorelei raising Rory alone.  He says that she did things on her own terms all the way, it was in the cards, she was a force of nature, etc.  On first watch, I thought Rory was getting material, maybe, and that her whole demeanor seemed off.  On subsequent watches, understanding that she knows she’s pregnant in this scene, it makes more sense.  Rory is Lorelei all over again, like Logan is Christopher all over again.  Both men have joined their family dynasties and are incredibly wealthy but disconnected from the women they loved.

Lorelei stops at Emily’s house and finds out that Emily is selling her house.  It isn’t home to her anymore, and she doesn’t want to stay somewhere where she is forever Mrs. Richard Gilmore.  She’s moving to Nantucket, to live in The SandCastle, not the Vagina House (I love it when Emily works blue) and she’s going to live out the next chapter of her life there.  She drinks her daytime sherry and then Lorelei and Emily reenact the first episode of Gilmore Girls (“You need money”, “I’ll get the checkbook”) except EMILY IS SAYING ALL OF RICHARD’S LINES and it’s so good.  But Lorelei actually wants to use the money they left Luke to franchise.  Emily agrees, with conditions, by making Lorelei agree to spend 3 weeks a year in Nantucket.  Lorelei toasts “to the circle of life” (girl, you have no idea…) and they drink fancy champagne as Lorelei notices that Emily had the portrait of Richard redone at normal scale.

Rory is in Doose’s market getting wedding things when she runs into Dean who has definitely aged the best and is so handsome.  Dean is married, with three sons and a girl on the way.  Clara is living in Berlin and experiencing her first love, which makes Rory and Dean exchange cutely awkward looks.  Rory tells him about the book and asks if he can be included in it and says he was a great boyfriend and taught her what safe felt like.  It’s a nice moment.  They have a cute corn starch conversation as well and it’s all fan service and I don’t care- serve me, serve me.  Rory does say that her life is changing, which I now realize has to do more with the baby than the book.

And then- Sookie!  She has filled the kitchen with 100 cakes and her voice sounds totally different but I’m so glad Melissa McCarthy showed up!  Lorelei and Sookie have a good rhythm and it’s a pleasure to see them playing off each other again.  There’s a lot of emotion since Sookie has pretty much abandoned the Dragonfly for 2 years and Michelle calls her a bitch (!!!!) but takes it back when she tells him she brought him fat free granola.

Emily and Berta’s family are all in Nantucket and Emily seems happier than ever.  She has this gorgeous house on the water and is putting on sneakers and going to the Whaling Museum where she is the docent!  And she’s so awesome at it!  She’s scaring the children and parents and Emily loves scaring people!  She looks so satisfied giving them all a moment to compose themselves! Hooray for this storyline!

Luke is looking handsome in a suit and Jess is hanging out at their house.  There’s some wacky hijinks with Lorelei and Rory being there as well.  Kirk has decorated for the wedding and is scared he ruined everything which as we will see soon is far from the truth.  Lorelei gives Rory back the chapters, saying she’s not going to read it but that Rory should write it anyway and she’ll read it when it’s done.  Rory looks happy to have her mother’s blessing which comes with a Facebook-like note to drop the the.  “Just Gilmore Girls.  It’s cleaner.”  So is that what we watched?  Has this all been Rory’s story?  Rory tells Jess excitedly that she wrote 3 chapters.  I hope he publishes her book!  Before he leaves for Liz and TJ’s (I WANTED TO SEE THEM TOO), he looks longingly at Rory through the window as she administers a cool compress to Kirk’s head.

T-10 hours to the wedding and Luke and Lorelei are hanging out in the kitchen, eating pizza.  They’re nervous for the wedding, and wish that it was done.  They discuss that they’ve both planned flash mobs, hers to “Relax, Don’t Do It” and his to a Steely Dan song.  It’s cute banter, something I actually wish we had seen more of.  Maybe instead of seeing Colin and Finn?  Lorelei realizes it’s BINGO night and suddenly they are off to see the Reverend.

Gorgeous, glorious scenes while Sam Philips’ song “Reflecting Light”played just like it did when Luke and Lorelei waltzed at Liz and TJ’s wedding.  Kirk has decorated the Harvest Fest like Alice in Wonderland (which Lorelei tells him is perfect and it’s nice to see Kirk get a win) and it’s whimsical and gorgeous and hats are just on bushes and there are ballerinas and it’s totally impossibly untrue but I kind of don’t care.  It fully plays like a dream sequence.  There’s Luke and Lorelei dancing!  There’s Lorelei and Rory dancing!

Oh!  And then there’s Emily in Nantucket, kissing Richard’s picture goodnight, tucking in her new family, and walking to the water with a glass of wine and a lantern.  Shouldn’t she be in Connecticut?  The wedding is tomorrow.  How far are these places?

And Luke and Lorelei are married and kissing!  Lane and Michelle are there- where’s Sookie?  Is she eating dirt again?  Lorelei stands by the gazebo as flower petals fall on her.

OK, here we go.  We’re on the gazebo where we started, with just the girls.  They are reflecting on the wedding and Lorelei says it “feels right”.  It was a journey to get to where she is today and she’s happy to be there.  Lorelei asks when Rory will get married and Rory seems more and more uncomfortable throughout the conversation.  Paul dumps her via text and it barely even registers, although she expresses some remorse for treating him badly.  She is practically coming out of her skin, here, looking so upset.  Lorelei notices and asks her what’s going on and Rory says she’s trying to remember it all, every detail.  And then the final four words.  “Mom?” “Yeah?” “I’m Pregnant.”

Cut to the theme!

The story ends with Rory, pregnant at 32.  She has no job and no partner.  The story started with Lorelei at 32.  At 16, she was pregnant with no job and no partner.  Just like Lorelei said to Emily in Winter, full freaking circle.

Maybe I’ll do another with my thoughts on the final 4 words but I just wrote a novel on Gilmore Girls so I think I’m done tonight.  Please share your thoughts!!!

One thought on “Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life

  1. meryl dubitsky says:

    Fall was my favorite episode but the final four words were so stressful. How can they leave t on a cliffhanger?? I was so careful to not be spoiled but I knew the last words were important but I was still shocked to hear them. Poor selfish Rory, whatever will she do? I think it’s so so shitty what’s going on with her and Logan but I love that Luke and Lorelei are happy and I love that Emily is happy in her new life so I guess that will have to do.


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