So This Is The New Year…

But I do sort of feel different, Death Cab for Cutie lyrics notwithstanding. Besides the fact that I’m physically different this year as compared to last, thanks to The Whole 30, I’m still nursing a badly sprained ankle.  I’m in both better and worse shape all at the same time! But really even more than that, I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what I want out of my life and how I want to spend my time (and money). I wouldn’t say these are resolutions, per se, but goals perhaps. I’ve been mainly thinking a lot about how much time I waste on things that don’t matter: social media, watching crappy television, getting sucked into the Internet wormhole on this or that (I know way more about Juggalos than one who has never actually listened to ICP should, for example). I want to be more conscious and engaged in my non-digitized life. My husband was kind enough to get me coloring books for Christmas, and I’m still (forever) knitting a scarf for my best bud, and there are always books to read. Oh, so many books. So those are some thoughts as to where my energy could better be spent, but even beyond that, I often find myself next to my man or my kid, all of us staring at screens instead of each other. What nonsense. Life is so transitory and time marches on and I feel like we are missing so much of it. I’m not saying I’m going off the grid, just that I want to be more cautious about using screens to disengage from reality. I also want to travel more. I want to have all the experiences I possibly can. There are so many great overnight trips a short drive away- Portland and Vancouver, BC for example. In 2016 I want to hit up both of these places. I would also love to get back to California. Every time I see it on a movie or show I get heart eyes like an emoji. For real, Cali’s got me like whoa and I feel like in a few years I may need to make an address change out there.  


pictures from our Cali trip this past summer

I also want to have more local experiences. So far I have some amazing things lined up for February!  My husband and I are going to see David Cross at the Moore Theater in Seattle and a few weeks later my sister is coming to visit me from New York (yay!!!) and we’re going to see Janeane Garofalo.  Some of my favorite comedians watched with some of my favorite people?  Sounds like a plan to me!  Other things going on in my life are that I’m currently in my 5th round of The Whole 30 and it’s going really well so far. Each time is a much shorter ride on the strugglebus.  I didn’t really feel any withdrawals this time and I’m a week in now.  Rad!

Here are some pictures of what’s been going on lately:

  My niece begged me to take her on the Ferris wheel but my fear of heights could not be convinced.
 My mama got me these Betsy & Iya earrings for Christmas and I love them.
  Flowers at Pike Place. So festive!
 I did see Star Wars, but not at this dope theater.

  More festive flowers!
 I got full-on flair on my denim jacket.
 And I cut my bangs!

Ok, now that I spent time writing this and connecting with my online world, I should connect with the real world. I’m a few chapters into Hunger Makes Me a Modern Girl by Carrie Brownstein and I’m loving it so far!  I especially love her descriptions of the PNW.  As a matter of fact, I’ll be heading to her home turf in Olympia tomorrow for a community poetry slam. 2015 ended kind of sour, but 2016 is really starting off pretty sweet.

And what’s been going on with you?  I would love to hear about your plans for this year in the comments!


3 thoughts on “So This Is The New Year…

  1. J-Ro says:

    Well, I start grad school at the end of the month (hopefully. the paying for it part is still a question mark), and I am excited/scared like Jesse Spano on speed. It also means that my job is going to make me go part-time, which scares me for financial reasons, since I’m hardly stable at full-time. It will, however, give me cause and time to find something that works better for my needs, and hopefully will push me to do more DJing and other more artistic/creative ways to make money without feeding the corporate soul-sucking machine. I am so looking forward to this year. I also want to blog more. And there is still a TV show in the works that I’m supposed to be writing with my best friend. We shall see.


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