Whole 30 & Bullet Journaling 

After my last post, I ended up making dinner with my coconut amino garlic sauce instead of regular aminos, so I had some organic sap but that’s really just sugar. A rose by any other name, etc. Still haven’t officially started, but I’ve been rereading all the rules and I feel excited about this round in a way I haven’t before. I also feel sad because I’m not loving the way I look, but still hopeful that March will be a powerful month in my journey. I’ve already signed up for a Pilates class, am considering a few different yoga studios, and have been working out with videos at home. I don’t think I’ll food journal here because that’s sort of boring to read. I do want to show you some of my bullet journal pages that I set up though!  Am I “basic”?  A little, right?  Eh. It’s ok. I’m old enough to not give a – well, do you watch Real Housewives of Beverly Hills?  Consider me Erika Jayne. 

This is all colored in because I finished this round!  But, again, I think that I was technically compliant but not fully in the spirit. Excuse my nails. They need to be repainted. 

I look forward to coloring in my succulents. I set some intentions next to them for daily reminders. 

I ran out of room to write them all but it was a great reminder that even though my weight isn’t where I want it to be, my NSVs have been genuinely lifechanging. 

I actually have a ton of recipes in my journal. It’s great to flip through, get inspired, and buy what I need for a delicious and compliant dinner. 

I’ll probably check in with W30 talk once a week. I’d love to hear from you!  Do you do W30?  Do you keep a journal?  


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