Hey Whole 30: This is My Diary Now. Bonus: Currently!

I haven’t posted here forever but I’m about to swing into my 13th Whole 30 and was thinking I wanted a place to dump my thoughts and recipes.  I finished a W30 in January but the truth is I haven’t lost in quite some time and in fact I’ve gained.  I think that what has been happening is that, much like the political climate, I got complacent.  Bad habits (even good-bad habits) started to creep back in.  So for my lucky 13th W30 (on the 2 year anniversary of my 1st one!!) I am setting intentions, and ones that honestly I know to be important to the success.  I sort of wish I had journaled more at the start, although I am a huge Facebook Whole 30 poster (and admin of 2 groups).

Intentions for my 13th Whole 30:

  1. Follow the plate template.  This is very important.  3/4 plate veggies, 1/4 plate protein.  Make sure that you add a healthy fat and if you want fruit, have it with the meal.
  2. Drink a ton of water.
  3. Don’t zone out while eating.  If you don’t have a pal to eat with, bring a book.  Don’t work while eating or watch Vanderpump Rules or Real Housewives, even if schadenfreude is the most delicious taste of all.
  4. Avoid these compliant foods that you really overeat: potatoes, nuts, nut butter, clementines (I can easily eat 3 while standing in the kitchen just thinking about food or work or breathing).
  5. Portion size!  I think that I really eat too much.
  6. Exercise 3-4 times a week minimum, although if you do 21 day Fix videos everyday that’s even better!
  7. Try a new recipe every week.

I didn’t weigh myself, but I did take some measurements (which I won’t be sharing, although I will share the difference at the end, if there is one).

I wasn’t actually planning on starting until March 1 but so far today I’ve eaten compliant AND worked out so I guess we shall see.  I’m going to California twice in the next 4 months so I certainly want to look and feel my best for my vacations.  What I realize is that although there are foods that I miss when I’m W30 that I’m not willing to give up for life (mainly pho, ramen, and boba tea), I never actually FEEL better after having them.  Yes, they are delicious, but my self esteem and comfort take a dive which makes it feel not worth it.

Tuesday, February 21:

Breakfast: Leftover Whole 30 cookbook beef & sweet potato chili, slightly modified because I added butternut squash cubes as well (thanks, Costco!) and extra broth to ensure there was enough liquid.  I used chicken broth because I can never find compliant beef broth and I don’t make my own).  I used Chili 5000 Chili powder from Penzey’s and I really recommend that and will be reordering soon.  Penzey’s is THE BEST.  All my love for this company.  I also had an egg and some leftover veggies I sautéed in ghee that I made yesterday (brussel sprouts, green beans, snap peas, broccoli).  Stumptown cold brew with a bit of Califia unsweetened almond milk.

I haven’t eaten lunch or dinner yet but it will probably be more chili, maybe with a side salad.

Somehow after eating this substantial breakfast, which I ate in front of the tv but let that be my last meal there, I decided to work out!  Well, if the emotion comes, one should jump on that!  So I did the first workout in Beachbody 21 Day Fix: Total Body Cardio.  Oy.  I was nauseous but I did it!  And now I’m sitting here, full from breakfast, sore from working out, I just took a digestive enzyme, fish oil, and probiotic (look out, Lisa Rinna, you’re not the only momma with a fist full of vitamins) and I’m ready to devote myself to myself.

Am I sad that after 2 years I’m not at my goal weight and in fact further from it that I have been in the past?  Yup.  But  I’m no quitter.  I know that all the steps I have taken on this journey have made me a healthier and better me.  In fact I was just joking around with my friend that I suddenly own and wear multiple pairs of sneakers.  Who am I even???

OK, you made it this far.  You deserve some pictures AND an update on what I’ve been doing lately!


What I’m Reading: 

I just completed Maria Semple’s Today Will Be Different, which was awesome but not as good as her previous book.  I live for her mocking (accurate) send up of Seattle-ites and their inability to cross a street and absurd love for the Seahawks.  I also read Hillbilly Elegy which was amazing and so pertinent to how we have ended up in the political place that we are at now.  But as for what I am currently reading this week, I am reading both Food Freedom Forever by Melissa Hartwig (a Whole 30 compendium) and The Nix by Nathan Hill.  From the Amazon description: An Amazon Best Book of September 2016:  “The Nix is a surprising novel that you didn’t know you were waiting for until you start reading. At its center is Samuel Andresen-Anderson, a failed writer and increasingly apathetic college professor, who gets a second chance at literary fame from the most unlikely source—the mother who abandoned him as a child. The American public is up in arms about a rather absurd crime that Samuel’s mother committed against an obnoxious politician. While Sam is shocked and surprised to learn the whereabouts of his estranged mother, he also realizes it’s the chance of a lifetime to tap into the zeitgeist with some choice tidbits about her, if he can write it before media A.D.D. sets in. But in order to write the book that will revive him, Samuel is forced to dig into her life, and he discovers a completely different version of the woman he thought he knew; it turns out he’s not the only one who’s life is carved out of traumatic events.”  I’m about 100 pages in (it’s a huge book) and I’m really enjoying it so far.


What I’m Watching:

Most of my shows are on hiatus (looking at you The Good Life and Crazy Ex Girlfriend) but Jane The Virgin is still kicking around, as are Superstore and Speechless.  The last thing I crazy binged was season 1 of The Magicians on Netflix (like a dirty Harry Potter).  As a good friend said, it’s a real testament to how binge-able this is considering it’s so corny (true).  I did immediately buy the books and read the first one but they are not for me so I gifted the one I read to a coworker and I sent the other two back to Amazon.  Quentin is not a protagonist I’m interested in following because I find him unbearable.  Did you know that all episodes of The Golden Girls are on Hulu now?  I’m watching that too.

What I’m Listening To:

I’m going to give some Podcast shout outs this time instead of musical ones.  Actually, I’ll do both.  Regina Spektor’s newest album is awesome and I’m seeing her in April and I am PSYCHED.  Some Podcasts that have been bringing me joy are Chris Gethard’s Beautiful Anonymous (think call in shows from the 90s like “Dear Delilah” hosted by a genuine, empathetic sweet soul); Watch What Crappens, which is recaps of Bravo shows and is so funny I often find myself laughing while walking around with headphones; Emotionally Broken Psychos which analyzes the behavior of reality tv show casts; and Gilmore Guys which has moved on to Bunheads recaps!

What I’m Wearing:

Like I mentioned up top, I have suddenly taken up wearing sneakers.  Insanity.  I wanted the Stan Smith Adidas but they were a little pricy so I got similar ones from DSW and I have been loving them.  They are black on the back instead of green, but that matches my soul better anyway.



I also treated myself to a Nena & Co huipil bag (Sonia size) and I am in love.  I got it from Poshmark for much less than new but they are all one of a kind.  I’ll be checking in to look at the weekly drops on the site.



I also decided to act like an It Girl and try out some Glossier lipgloss.  It arrived today and I can see why it has such a cult girl following!  If you use my code, you can receive 20% off.  I did this off someone’s code and got 2 lip glosses for $28 (generation g in Crush and Jam) BUT it arrived today and I got a cool makeup bag, stickers, AND free balm too!  That’s a crazy good deal.  Get that here (full disclosure, I get $10 off my next purchase but it’s totally win win): http://bff.glossier.com/e5ItF

It’s the exact My Lips But Better thing I’m always looking for for that I’m always looking for.  This is Crush on me.




What I’m Looking Forward To:

So much!!!  I’m excited for California (San Francisco, LA, San Diego) and to spend my 39th birthday in Disneyland!  We’re also going to Wizarding World of Harry Potter!  I’m looking forward to my 15th wedding anniversary and spring (which fall on the same day) and spending my summer in NY and meeting so many new babies.

What I’m Eating:

Still mainly Whole 30, but as we know I’m planning on going all in.

What I Learned This Week:

I learned that the more involved in my community I get, the more in control I feel about the current political climate.  I learned that I can be a leader of organization and the model for my son about how people should be treated.  I learned that self care is as necessary as fighting the good fight and that I have the advantage of being a long time activist and that it is my duty to help others who need guidance.



Thanks for reading!  I hope you have all been doing well and I look forward to posting more regularly!  Here’s a picture of me in a dress I like (from Old Navy).  Let’s consider it a very flattering “before”.



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