Vancouver and The Whole 30 

As you may know from my previous blog posts, I have been doing the Whole 30 on and off since May 2015. If you’re not sure what that means, check out my previous posts (click on my tag at the bottom) or google it. I’ll wait. Ok, now that you’re all caught up, I can continue.

I began my 8th full round on August 1 (I have previously completed 2 half rounds as well) but didn’t quite make it to the end. For July, I was in NY living it up, trying to make good choices but definitely eating more gluten and sugar than normal. By the end of the month, I felt terrible and was so ready to jump into this recent round with my whole heart.

Unfortunately, I also had a little overnight trip planned to Vancouver with my husband. Cut to yesterday, after hours in the car snacking on compliant prosciutto, plantain chips and a Larabar, we finally get to a restaurant (Edible Canada on Granville Island: recommended)  and I get something off-plan. I had a burger (with bread) and duck fat fries along with 3/4 of a beer flight (the IPA, I deemed, was having diminishing returns on the fun vs guilt scale). For dinner, I had pork ramen with an egg.  Now these meals are not TERRIBLE. Many of the ingredients are in fact compliant but I didn’t ask all the probing questions one should when on a round. The fries, for example, are ok as duck fat is allowed. The bacon jam on my burger, on the other hand, probably had sugar. Bread is gluten, so that’s out, but when it came, the bun looked so great that I decided to keep it and go full-test on gluten with the beer. It is important to note that these are also meals I have had before, in between rounds, without any major damage.  Not specifically from these places, but in general. Today, I had another burger (this one I ate  on only the bottom of the brioche bun) and then we grabbed bahn mi on the ride home.

I don’t feel well. My throat is a little itchy. I feel super bloated. My mouth feels oddly full of saliva. I have a headache. All of which is to say that people often ask me if it’s hard to say no to so many things, to be restricted in my food, and the answer is yes, of course it’s hard!  That’s why I had the non-compliant food on vacation! But the other answer is that it’s harder to feel like crap. The good thing is that I know that in a few days I’ll be better than ever. I know exactly what to do to make myself feel better and I will recommit fully because I’m home and it’s easy enough to do it when I’m in charge of my food and I love how great I feel when I eat compliant. But I’m also not necessarily upset to be here, watching Gilmore Girls and feeling a little poopy, because this little trip has given me more information about what my body wants and does not want. I already knew that dairy was not my friend, but now I know that gluten is not either. Each new round gives you more information about yourself and knowledge, as they say, is power. So even a slip up, if used as a step on your journey, can be a tool. That is how we learn.

Now, if you read all that, you deserve some pictures of my trip!  So without further ado, I present 30 hours in Vancouver:

This one is actually from Fairhaven Historical District, near Bellingham (on our way).  I just think it’s a good picture.

The Peace Arch


Canada’s Macy’s 😉

On the SkyTrain

Granville Island

Vancouver Public Library

Gastown and the famous Steam Clock. That’s a statue of Gassy Jack.

This is a must see shop. The Regional Assembly of Text on Main Street is so much fun if you like paper and pens, which I do. You can even make a pin of your own for $2 (Canadian)!  My husband, a talented artist, drew us. I love it.

Great Pixie’s song, good taxidermy shop.

Cannibal Cafe on Commercial Drive

Museum of Anthropology on UBC campus
Have you been to Vancouver?  Where should I go next time I’m there?


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