Worth It: People x The Voice Subscription Box

I sometimes subscribe to a month of PopSugar or Fab Fit Fun if I’ve seen spoilers and know it will be worth my money. Well, when I saw the spoilers for this box and how much it was discounted, I knew the People x The Voice box must be mine. It arrived today and was definitely worth $26 ($19.99 + $5.95 shipping, plus code PS10 to save 10%!  If you order 2, the order qualifies for free shipping. Not a bad idea because these are super regiftable). Here’s what it had in it:

Info from the people’s voice (haha):

Love The Voice? We’re fans too! That’s why we curated this limited edition gift box packed with $150 worth of swag inspired by the hit NBC show for just $19.99. Inside you’ll find:

– Ban.do Thermal Mug (a $14 value)

– BaubleBar Earjackets(a $30 value)

– Jliep Myriam Nail Polish (a $14 value) & Konjac Sponge (a $12 value)

– LAQA & Co. Cheeky Lip Pencil (a $22 value)

– Poppin Notebook (a $8 value)

– Quay Breath of Life Sunglasses (a $50 value)

So, the mug is what made me want this to begin with. I’ve checked out these Ban.do mugs but I need another mug like I need… pretty much anything in the box. Let’s be real; I don’t need any of this, but it’s nice to treat yourself every now and then. Anyway, the mug is big and I’m thrilled about that because I love a vat of coffee to get me through the day. I do bring my own coffee from home most days, and I’m excited to use this tomorrow. The picture above is the standard one, the black lid was made exclusively for this box, and I definitely prefer it. I’m not a hot pink kind of girl.


  The earrings are super cute and on trend! The jackets don’t have to be worn with the studs, but I definitely prefer it. I’ll be rocking these tomorrow as well.

My polish is not quite bad enough to take off today, but I almost want to just to use this creamy coral red. This is a great color. Julep sometimes applies a little off for my taste- a little streaky- but every color can be different application-wise so I’m looking forward to trying this.

I’m also looking forward to using this loofah-like body sponge. I have a similar thing from The Body Shop and it really helps keep my skin soft and smooth.


I don’t think this lip/cheek color is a great lip color for me. It looks a little too pink for my taste. I’ll definitely give it a try as cheek color tomorrow though because I think it may be perfect for that.  I do like the fancy gold packaging and I like when multi-task makeup comes in a little crayon.  I could see myself using this a lot more in the summer when I’m tan.

 I gave the notebook to my son.  He said it was super fancy (and that he would put a sticker over the lettering- haha, so would I). He is a fantastic comic artist and I look forward to seeing what masterpieces he draws inside this. The paper is lined, and the notebook features a nice folder in the book to keep notes or receipts, etc.

I’m actually way more into these than I thought I’d be!  The cat eye seemed a little dramatic but I think they’re really fun and flattering. I can’t wait until it’s sunny more often than not here in rainy Washington!


I think this box is totally worth $26 (that’s less than $4 an item)!  If you agree, you can still pick one up for yourself here. Which item do you think is most worth it?


3 thoughts on “Worth It: People x The Voice Subscription Box

  1. Meryl says:

    I love everything and I need a subscription box like a hole in my head but think of how pretty that hole would look with those nice earrings…


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