A little January check-in about what I’m up to as 2016 begins:

What I’m reading: 

Hunger Makes Me a Modern Girl by Carrie Brownstein. I’m loving this book. I feel in many ways really similar to Carrie, or at least I find her story really relatable. Reading it, I’m taken back to my days post high school when I was beginning to write and read my poetry and hang out in little artistic circles in Boston, NY, and later Seattle. The descriptions of people and places feel so similar to what my life was also like in the late 90s, when I was listening to slightly different music than what she describes (I was coming of age post-riot grrrl), more Ani and Belle & Sebastian and Liz Phair than Bikini Kill and Heavens to Betsy but that similar family connection that existed around our scene and DIY spirit.  It reminds me of finding a niche to call mine and realizing who I was and wanted to be. For anyone who grew up sort of punk in an outlier way, I think there’s a lot to take away from reading this book. 

What I’m watching:


Me and the rest of the world, right? I’m only on episode 4, so I’m not even sure where I stand yet, but my husband and I have really engaging discussions throughout. It’s absolutely shocking how cavalier it seems the county was about locking up the wrong man for the original crime. Truly, anything I could say at this point would be simplistic but I do recommend you check this out if you have Netflix. 

What I’m listening to: 


As I type this, Lorde is playing. Joni Mitchell was a moment ago.  I don’t really have any new bands I’m newly obsessed with or a heavy rotation album at this moment. I’ve just been letting my iPhone play on shuffle which will always guarantee a little Rilo Kiley, Tegan and Sara, Beck, and 80s hairbands.  Since it was Bowie’s birthday yesterday, I’ll throw up a picture of my favorite album by him.  

What I’m wearing:


 I love after Christmas sales. I got this coat for 50% off and this sweater for a fraction of what it originally cost. Sweet. 

What I’m crafting:


I’m still working on what I posted last time, but this week I’m planning on redye-ing my overworn Madewell leather punch flats. Madewell makes my favorite flats, I hope they bring these back this spring. These are about 3 or 4 years old and showing it. I’ve dyed them before, last year.  I just ordered the tarrago dye since the one I had is missing. Isn’t that always the case?  You can’t tell from the picture, but they are really scuffed. I’ll do a leather dying tutorial when the kit arrives. 

What I’m planning/ looking forward to: 


Laughing a lot!  I don’t have any major plans for January, but February is filling up with comedy shows, visits from loved ones, Valentine’s Day with my boo, and his birthday!  The old man is getting even older. 

What I’m eating:


I’m on day 10 of my 5th round of whole 30!  This was lunch. Applegate hotdog on a sweet potato (as a bun) and a ton of spicy garlic olykraut (sauerkraut made in Olympia)!  It was so good. That citrus kombucha is my favorite. 

What I learned/ was reminded of this week: 

It was my first week back to work after a fairly tumultuous break. I learned that it’s ok to accept help from people you love who want to show you their love. That it’s ok to need to take a rest when you’re hurt. That it’s not a weakness to be weakened. I also learned that I maybe brighten more people’s days than I give myself credit for and that I should always be open to new people and experiences. 

And while looking for my leather dye, I saw this old artwork by my husband which reminded me that I really love his comics and that I think he’s a pretty rad guy. 

And what have you been up to?


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