Great Polish, Greater Deal

My favorite nail polish brand, Zoya, has an annual deal and it’s happening now!  For the price of a salon manicure you can have 4 amazing nail polishes just for the cost of shipping. Shipping is $15, which basically prices $9-10 polishes at under $4 each. What a steal. Anyway, this probably sounds like an ad but it’s really just a heads up to head to and get your polishes before the deal ends.  I get no kickbacks here, only the knowledge that I passed a great deal along to you beautiful people. 

This is the third year I’ve used this deal and I have quite a nice collection of polish because of it. I try to toss a few old ones each time I get new ones so my collection doesn’t get too out of control. 

My collection. I rarely get manicures and only get a few pedicures in summer. Otherwise, I use Lush products (the BEST foot scrub)  and take care of business at home so I can justify having fancy-ish polish. 

These are the ones I’ve accumulated through this sale. 

These are my favorites. From left to right:

Blair: I wouldn’t have actually picked this because I don’t usually like metallic, but it actually came in a PopSugar box and I love it. It’s a right-now color, I wouldn’t wear it in the spring or summer, but I like it a lot. 

Trixie: full on coverage silver. This polish is so good.  I don’t have a picture but trust me. 

Storm: black with silver glitter but not chunks of glitter. It’s actually on right now. 

Sookie: literally a perfect red. 

Miley: a fun, almost neutral light gray blue. It feels like such an It girl color. 

Veronica: a perfect blend of pink and purple that’s bold but not cloying. 

And here are the four I just ordered for spring: 

And while this isn’t Zoya, I’d be remiss if I didn’t give a shout out to the world’s greatest topcoat Seche Vita! 

Ok, that’s all. Are you going to check it out?  Let me know what colors you get!


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