Post-Holiday Humbug: A Mainly Pictorial Post

Long time, no post. I hope you all had a magical and wonderful holiday time! On Christmas Eve Eve (the day before Christmas Eve, natch) I fell as I was leaving a friend’s house and sprained my ankle pretty bad. I’ve been on crutches since. This has been compounded by an additional strain of having my family visiting and wanting to be a great hostess while also wanting to just take painkillers and sleep. I’m trying to rally and show them a great time. Today, we are heading to my favorite place, Olympia and the wonderful farmer’s market, so hopefully that will get my spirits soaring. Here’s some snapshots from my life lately.

img_5725-1In my town, Santa comes around with candy canes while collecting food for the needy. I love it so much.


I’ve been feeling so bloated and gross the last few days. Paleo is so hard to keep strict at this time, let alone whole 30, but my Facebook memories showed me that even a few extra pounds isn’t taking away my weight loss this year. I was down 40 pounds (probably 37 currently) and can’t wait to do my 5th round January 1st. Who wants to join me? My son stole that hat from me. He loves puns.
I saw a local production of The Nutcracker! It was delightful. Next year, I’m going to try to see it in Seattle.
I love small festive touches like cozy sweaters, holiday colors, and decorative cups. This donut is delightfully festive, but I was only holding it for my son. He said it was delicious.

It snowed! And melted! And then snowed a little again.

We went to the Tacoma zoo, Point Defiance, and saw Zoolights. It was raining, but we still had fun.
img_6193My friend’s mom (basically my second mom) sets up the most incredible Christmas village every other year. It takes months to put up and takes up an entire room.  It’s the coolest thing ever.

img_6231Everyone was happy with all their gifts.  My son in particular was totally blown away.  I had convinced him he wasn’t getting what he wanted, but it was a rouse.  He opened it and screamed, “You’re a liar!  I love you!”  Hahaha.

img_6223Stocking score!

Christmas haul. I’m psyched. Thrifted owls and coloring books are awesome and exactly what I wanted!

img_6242My sister sent me THE BEST card. She is amazing.

So that’s what I’ve been up to. What about you?

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