What I’m reading:

A book about teenage ballerinas that includes betrayal, eating disorders, controlling mothers and feuding friends?  Yes, please.

What I’m watching:


Well, I was watching this but I just watched the last episode this morning so I’m technically not watching it anymore, but you should!  Season 1 is pretty good but season 2 kills it. The performances in this are award-worthy.  And it just got picked up for a 3rd/ final season.

What I’m listening to: 


Adele 25. Can’t stop, won’t stop.

What I’m wearing: 


After coveting these forever, I finally bought them at a deep discount and they have been giving me life.

What I’m crafting:


I’m knitting a scarf for my friend Pete (which has taken me over a year because I’m the worst-but-still-thoughtful friend someone can have) but I would also like to make this awesome (and easy) wall hanging seen on That Mama Gretchen.  Yarn crafts for all!

What I’m planning/ looking forward to:


So many things!  Zoolights at the Point Defiance Zoo, holiday parties, a local production of The Nutcracker, my family coming to visit me in less than 2 weeks,and the Olympia poetry slam semi-finals just to name a few!  I’m also going to do little tiny bouts of Whole 30 in between these things, by which I mean when not having a very special treat, I’m following W30. The holiday season is really the best season.  Everything is sparkly and full of joy.

What I’m eating:

I just made this killer W30 chicken, veggies  and gravy. I’ll post the recipe as my next post!

What I learned/ was reminded of this week: 

I am truly blessed to live near both Seattle and Olympia, to have a loving husband and son, supportive friends, and a beautiful (albeit teeny) house. This week, I have been turned  down by things I wanted, but I have also been built up and cared for by a support system all over the USA. I am lucky. The world feels so fragile and tumultuous lately in the grand scheme of global terror and strife but there is still so much good to pay attention to and celebrate.
“Currently” post inspired by Sometimes Sweet.


3 thoughts on “Currently 

    • Julie Bee says:

      Haha. The book is good. It’s a little like pretty little liars. It’s not revolutionary, but it’s entertaining. You would like it. I know you think I need to go to a clog addict support group, but these are next level!!


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