I have a few potentially amazing things on the horizon but I’ll remain mum on those until they (hopefully) come to fruition. Needless to say, between these exciting possible developments (and no, I’m not pregnant. Bite your tongue.) and the holidays rapidly approaching, and bringing with them my parents and niece from NY (!!!!), I’ve been feeling a bit like the physical manifestation of kinetic energy. I am the moment before motion.

Feeling giddy with excitement and possibility.

Last week I participated in another poetry slam in Olympia and I won!  This makes 2 for 2!  Now, of course, the point is not the points, the point is the poetry, but after years of putting my writing ambitions aside, this blog and the connections with and approval of other poets and audiences has been a pretty big ego boost. Again, like with my weight loss, I struggle to accept compliments and truly internalize them, but I am working on it. My son has been attending with me and it’s meant so much to us both.

Olympia all decked out for the holidays in the usual “stay weird, Olympia” vibe of the city .  That is, indeed, a light up octopus.

My husband, son, and I attended the Urban Craft Uprising in Seattle last night at the Seattle Exhibition Center and I always love seeing all the amazing wares. I even entered a little Instagram raffle and won free shower art from Ugly Baby and Ru!

My favorite one, but not the one I won (holy, homophones!). Mine says “fart” and I hung it in my kitchen so I can look at it while I do the dishes. My 13 year old helped me pick it out.  All that Whole 30 kitchen clean up is definitely farts.


We posed with some props by a backdrop of rainy Mt. Rainier. Rainier, indeed. The forecast shows rain from now until… March?  Possibly.

My arm is around my son but I cropped him out because he has a real small internet footprint and we like that.  My purse was an early gift from my husband so I could use it for the day!  Hooray for early Hannukah to kick off the season.

I picked up a few treasures, as did the boys (vinyl stickers and tiny wooden dioramas). Here’s some things I came home with:

The Bowl maker was a booth that I stumbled upon but I immediately felt smitten and knew this reproduction of her homemade pottery line would need to accompany me home.

This is my favorite thing I found. It says “within this cozy nest” around the bowl and it’s really big and beautiful. I will serve from it for years to come.

The Cat Ball was a booth I knew I wanted to check out because our house is so small and most cat toys/ beds are not that cute. These are adorable and the girls love the cat canoe we came home with.

An early (by one night) Hannukah gift for Zooey! She is the captain of this ship. She is the taco cat of this house.

I stopped by Claire Green Jewelry booth to admire her hair pins, but I nabbed a little stack ring.

A little shiny stacker to go with my Catbird rings .

One of my favorite things to use my money for is to support independent artists. It’s so hard to make money off personal creations, and I feel this is my way of giving back to a community who has supported me in similar ventures.

I  am humbled to say that in less than a month since creating this blog I have had over 500 visitors. How cool is that?   I’m psyched!!!  Thank you so much for reading my little corner of the web. I would love to connect more! Please comment about what you like, what you’d like to see more of, etc.

And of course, to my fellow tribe readers out there, Happy Hannukah!  May all your latkes be topped with applesauce and all your gelt taste like Godiva!

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