Two Simple Whole 30 Meals 

When you’re following the whole 30, sometimes it seems like recipes need to be super complicated and involve 900 ingredients and extensive cookware. They don’t. Here are two recipes so easy they don’t need step-by-steps, only pictures of their perfection.

How good does that look?  In a cast iron or frying pan, sauté veggies and protein in your compliant oil of choice. This is asparagus, kale, portobello mushrooms, and onion but that’s only because that was what I had in the fridge. Use anything!  Broccoli, tomatoes, peppers… whatever veggies you think would be good in an omelette. For protein, I added a chicken chili lime burger from Trader Joe’s, but an angus burger would work too or aidell’s chicken apple sausage (my favorite) or any compliant meat you can think of. Two eggs, sunnyside up, sprinkled with salt & a little bit of cayenne pepper. Then cover it with a plate or lid for about a minute. That’s how you get your eggs to cook perfectly and not be all snotty and liquidy (gross). This would be next level topped with wholly guacamole.

This surprised me with how delicious it was. I bought precut veggies and sautéed them in oil in a frying pan. I added about a quarter cup of water to flash steam it, like you would in a wok, and then I added a spoonful of ghee. I sprinkled garlic powder liberally all over it and stirred it up a bit. Once I plated it, I added black sesame seeds. I bought the sesame seeds in Pearl River in Manhattan, so I’m not sure how easy they would be to find elsewhere as I can’t think of anywhere else I’ve seen them, but regular sesame seeds would be similar in taste and texture.

And that’s it. Not revolutionary, but sometimes people struggle with remembering to keep it simple. You don’t need to be fancy to have a really delicious and whole 30 meal.

What’s your favorite easy whole 30 dish?


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