Holiday Gift List

I love these lists when other bloggers post them so here are some of my favorite things like I’m Oprah but without chai… or an empire. Maybe if you’re really good, Santa will hook you up this year and bring you one of these:

Adorable lace up shoes from one of my favorite stores in Seattle, Moorea Seal.
I know for a fact this is in my stocking. 🎅🏻

I may also know that this is under the tree.  🎄 I am terrible at gift secrets. Alternately, I am very vocal about what I like.

I’ve been feeling flair lately. Nobody does it better than Sara M. LyonsKate Gabrielle, and  Brianna Bulski.

Maybe get all your girls subscriptions to Bust Magazine, the only magazine that I have been a subscriber to for 15 years.  That’s my longest relationship! Sorry, husband.

My son and I have taken up daily battles of Exploding Kittens. It’s so much fun.

I’m a real lip product person. I like my lipgloss popping. This one is kind of minty and looks good on everyone.

I want everything from Catbird, but I mainly rock the knuckle rings and threadbares (stacks on stacks).

I love Edward Gorey, cats, books, and tote bags. This is a no brainer.

Lush lip scrub is my favorite. And seasonal stuff is always so delightful.

Read this or buy it for someone you love.

Listen to this or buy it for someone you love.

I want to drink tea from this!  Anthropologie makes the best tea pots.  Imagine wrapping it with gingerbread tea.  That’s a solid gift.

I told my husband I want to get on the coloring trend. I think there are two types of people: those who do a dark outline and those who just go for it. I’m an outliner.

shirt that describes my life. They have dog ones too.

A little gift for your favorite crafter or self-bang cutter. I have had these for 4 years and use them for both.

These convertible gloves from Urban Outfitters are adorable and currently 30% off!


My all-time favorite earrings. I get compliments every time I wear these.  They are made in Portland and are handcrafted.

Like you don’t want Biggie lyrics on a chunky heart necklace.

Did you know that Archie got rebooted?  It did and it’s awesome. If you know someone who was a fan, scoop up the first 4 issues. They won’t disappoint.

So there are 20 things that I love and think would make amazing gifts. What are you hoping to get?  What are you excited to give?



Feature image from The Wonder Forest

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