If You Like It Than You Should Put a Liner In It

oh oh oh oh oh oh oh… Sorry, I’m dancing like a single lady over here because I’m so psyched about how I fixed my first world problem.  I received a free leather makeup bag from this little leather tooling shop in Old Town, San Diego this summer when I bought the most amazing floral saddle bag.  While I have more than my fair share of makeup bags, this one became my holy grail.  First, I was just into it because if it’s free it’s for me, but also at the time I was given it with my purchase, I was in the middle of a big summer vacation that took me from Cali to NY and I had an assortment of pouches but none that was as perfect for my purse. It wasn’t so big that it took up unnecessary space, it wasn’t so small that I couldn’t add barrettes and an ungodly amount of lip products to it, and it was leather.  I love leather.  Mmmmmmm leather.  Oh, sorry, where was I?

Flash forward 4 months- this is still a daily use item and I start to notice that the interior of my makeup bag is shedding onto my makeup.  (I already acknowledged how insignificant this post was going to be, but it’s one of those things.)  I like this item that I own a lot, but it’s become impractical.  What’s a girl to do?  I keep cleaning my makeup off but it gets super linty again immediately.  It’s a tiny tragedy that I am reminded of and frustrated by numerous times a day.  So for about a month, I have kept my eyes out for a makeup bag to replace this one.  All the ones I already own are too big or too small.  I don’t like the look or feel of canvas, I’m dissatisfied with my choices at my usual haunts and etsy is out of my price range.  Thrift stores and ebay also don’t offer me what I’m looking for because what I want is my makeup bag, just with a different interior material.

And that’s when it hits me.   What I need to do, and it will cost me NOTHING, is to change the interior!  (Read this part like you’re Ariel getting your legs: Ah ah ah… ah ah ah… ah ah AHHHHHHHHHHHH).  Once it hit me what I must do, I gathered my supplies and within 20 minutes I had the makeup bag of my dreams!  It turns out the answer was inside me all along, just like in the Wizard of Oz!

What I used:

  • the leftover fat quarter from the pin project.
  • rotary mat and cutter (as seen here and here)
  • needle and thread

What I did:

First I emptied my bag of all my makeup.  See how dusty it looks?  Ignore the fact that I carry 9 different lip products with me on the daily.


Here’s the interior of the bag.  The suede sheds.  It had to be stopped.


I wrapped the fabric around the bag and cut too big.  This was intentional.  Better to trim down than need to worry about fixing a too small piece.

Using the guides on the mat, I trimmed it to the correct size.


I sewed through the zipper part of the bag, not the leather.  The zipper is black, as is the background of my fabric, so this all worked out well.  Once I sewed one side, I smoothed it all down inside and sewed the other side too.


This is me being so excited that I fixed my problem and would be able to continue using my free and perfect makeup bag.


Everything is back in.  The bonus to this is of course that the fabric is so cute that it makes me smile each time I go to get a lip balm.


In case you were wondering, the amazing balms were purchased at Renegade Craft Fair in Seattle and are made by a woman in Spokane.  I actually ended  up ordering some additional stuff off her website because I loved the balms so much.  I got Birthday Cake soap and Meyer Lemon lotion and I recommend both.  She makes quality items.  Her company is Orange Thyme and I am currently coveting the cocoa marshmallow lip balm so much but can’t really justify adding another into my arsenal.  Also, yes, that is a caboodle that I repurposed into my sewing box.  90s nostalgia 4 life!

Anyway, have you ever fixed a problem in a sudden brainstorm?  Do you think you would like to line an item you have?  It was super easy- the possibilities are infinite!  I’d love some feedback on if you like what I’ve been posting.  Anything you’d like to see more of?  Talk to me, internet!!


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