Put a Pin In It. 

I have lately amassed quite a collection of pins and buttons and they have been living in a little bowl on my dresser. I’ve recently been thinking of buying or thrifting a cork board to display them on until I came across an Instagram shot from The Cutie Life where she made a pin board from fabric and a frame. How easy!  While I was shopping the other day I picked up a fat quarter and a cheap frame. Combined, this was a $3.50 craft.


The dream of the 90’s is clearly alive and well in my pattern choice.

 First, I used my trusty rotary and mat (as mentioned in this WA craft) to trace the glass. DON’T DO THIS. It made the fabric too small. Oops. Into the scrap pile.

 Take 2. I traced the frame instead. You can see the missing swatch here. This is why you never want to cut fabric in a way that’s one and done (as in cutting from the middle instead of an end) because I could have ended my project right here. Oops.
 I used this glue to glue the fabric to the frame. It’s awesome for mending fabric and shoes. I figured it could keep fabric attached to cheap plastic.

 I doubled down with packing tape to make sure the fabric stayed on. Hot glue would really be ideal, but I was too lazy to dig out my hot glue gun.

 Finished board. Dirty window.

 These are some of my favorite pins I’ve been rocking lately.

The Buffy pin is from Monstersongs; I picked it up at the Seattle Renegade Craft Fair and then met her again at the Olympia Zine Fest!  We had a chat about my son being a soft pretzel enthusiast, something that she sells a cute patch for.

I also bought “feminist killjoy” at the Olympia Zine Fest but I regret that I don’t have the name of whom I purchased it from. It was a great stand, they had a bowl of positive affirmations. I carry mine in my wallet. It says that I am a worthwhile person.

My favorite “Whatever Forever” lapel pin is from the amazingly talented Sara M. Lyons.

The bird is an earring from Marc Jacobs.   I lost the other one. It helps hold my collar down. The collar on this jacket wants to pop like my name is really Blaine. 

 And here are my pins that needed a home!  They have been purchased all around. I have some here from Disneyland, Coney Island, vintage ones I’ve thrifted, the hand is by Danny Brito and the phone collar pin was also nabbed at Renegade. It’s made by Little Arrow and it gets worn a lot!  Every collared shirt I have demands a little hotline bling. I’ll leave that line in because who doesn’t love a topical pun, but the feminist killjoy in me wants to point out that Drake is a misogynist in that song- don’t worry about what your ex is up to, fool. That’s none of your business.

Anyway, back to pins!  I decided that I wanted to fill Christmas stockings with pins instead of candy as my son is still working through his ridiculous pile from Halloween so I ordered some “fan club” buttons from Kate Gabrielle. Instead of more chocolate, my son will be able to announce his affiliation to the Titus Andromeda and Tracy Jordan Fan Clubs!  I got my neice one to the Cat Fan Club, my husband one to the Kurt Vonnegut Fan Club, and even scored 2 for my own stocking (my husband and I picked them out together, so it’s ok we both know) to the Reading and Jareth from Labyrinth Fan Clubs!  I also got this little number:

And here are my pins on display on my dresser. Pretty cute, huh?  Do you like pins?  Where do you buy yours?



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