You Are Welcome Here

Today, I made a wooden board welcome sign at a huge annual craft party that a woman in my town hosts.  It’s a fun and relatively easy craft.  To make a sign, you’ll need a board and acrylic paint.  At that point, the sky is the limit.  Since my walls are absurdly filled, I decided to make something that could go outside the house instead:

This was the board I started with. The woman’s husband cuts them, but I’ve seen similar ones for sale at craft and hardware stores.

I traced the letters on from stencils.  I knew immediately that my husband, a comic artist, would have something to say about the kerning. I was correct.  That’s ok- crafts are to be made with love, not perfection.

I was attempting a Rifle Paper Co.-inspired design. I mixed different paints to make mint green since there wasn’t one available.

I drew the flowers freehand on computer paper (tracing the top of the board as a guide) and then used tracing paper to transfer the design onto the wood. Then I painted them.

Finally, I outlined the lettering with a sharpie. Here you can see the tracing paper and my original drawing, cut to the curvature of the board.

All done!!

I jokingly said to my husband that it clashes with the door so we should repaint it.  I painted that door red and we are definitely not repainting it (that was the joke), but I do think maybe it does clash but in a totally cute way.

Here are other boards I have made in the past:



Have you ever painted a wooden board?  What have or would you make?

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