Life, Lately 

November is really shaping up to be something amazing. At times, I feel like I live a double life. When I’m in New York, I’m a poet. I go to readings and I feature alongside inspiring writers and I talk to artists who draw and write about politics, love, and trauma. When I’m in Washington, where I’ve lived for over two years, I’m not that person. I have a happy life and I’ve made a home here with great friends but it seems like I have only mentioned in passing that I love to write and to hear what others write and share in that experience.  But lately, I’ve been realizing that poetry and creative writing are things I need in my life.  I’ve begun to seek out places where words leave paper and hit the air.  Recently, I applied for a writing fellowship which snowballed into an insatiable need for more words still.

I found a venue in Olympia that has an open mic scene that is so welcoming and lovely and allows all ages to attend. Even though it’s a weekday, it’s early enough that my son can attend too. He’s able to get an education on words and the world and I get to not only be a poet, but to be someone my son sees in a new way. It’s been indescribable to have this new engagement with him.  I feel like this is exactly what I need to be doing with my time and energy.

And this renewed remembrance about something that used to be so integral to who I am has reignited other passions and creative output. Besides poetry, I’ve been reinvigorating my life in other ways such as sprucing up the house, crafting and, of course, starting this blog. It’s all been trickling in, this want for something electric, and I’ve been slowly working in ways to be more creative and productive in my life by making things in whatever form they can be made. I cook, I craft, I conjugate verbs.

So, all in all it’s been quite a week in an already exciting month.  My life feels like it’s opened up to a new chapter, and like with all my favorite books, I can’t wait to see what happens next.

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