A Partly Paleo Thanksgiving 

I’ve been busy planning out my Thanksgiving menu, which is sort of ridiculous because it’s just me, my husband, our son who eats nothing, and the cats. I don’t have any family in Washington to spend the holiday with, but I do like cooking and living off the leftovers, so this is pretty much the plan at this point. I’ll spend the day watching the Macy’s parade, missing my friends and family who are almost all in New York, and making an absurd amount of food while drinking spiked cider with mulling spices. After we eat, we’ll walk to the little movie theater in town and watch Mockingjay Part 2.

Interestingly, this is our 3rd time celebrating Thanksgiving since we moved here and the third time Thanksgiving dinner will be followed by a Hunger Games film!  The first year we moved here, my husband had to work until early evening, so I cooked alone all day (play those sad horns). Last year, because it seemed silly to cook, we went to Seattle for dinner at Local 360 and though the food was good, it bummed me out to be at a restaurant on Thanksgiving and there were no leftovers, which is clearly the best part!  So, take 3. I’m aware that I’m planning too much food, but I need to account for classics my husband would miss too much and more paleo-minded fare for me.

This is the meal plan:

Main Dishes:

  • Turkey and Paleo Gravy (made from turkey drippings, coconut milk, salt, pepper, onion powder, arrowroot)
  • Shepherd’s Pie with Yams (I’m planning on using ground beef. This will make a fantastic breakfast Friday for when we pull out our Christmas decorations and turn our house into the North Pole.)



I’m still hoping a refugee will join us, but either way I’m looking forward to all this good food with my family. ❤️

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