Paleo Thai-Style Chicken & Vegetables in Coconut Cream 

What you need to make this tasty and comforting meal:

*chicken (or any protein)

* vegetables of choice (I used onion, asparagus, and Japanese eggplant)

*coconut cream

*dill, onion powder, garlic in whatever form you’ve got it, salt & pepper.

*oil/fat of some sort (I used ghee)

*fresh basil (Only if you have it. It will be good either way)

Put the ghee in the pan and cut up your chicken & veggies. Add chicken first.

It got super sparky and spitty when I added the crushed garlic, so I added a little whole 30-compliant chicken broth.

When the chicken looks white, add the veggies & basil.

Add the coconut cream. If you’ve never used this before, the thickness may surprise you. It will melt quickly. I used half a can.

Add the spices.

Cover and simmer for a bit.

I also added Indonesian Ayum blend from World Spice Merchants. I’m a huge fan.


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