Seattle Showers


Here’s my weekend: photo journaled.  It was a pretty awesome one, even with all the rain.  I spent the whole weekend in Seattle having adventures and buying treasures.


We went to Pike Place.


From where I’m standing here, the original Starbucks is to the left but I don’t really like Starbucks.  Stumptown is where it’s at.


I have been here so many times and still haven’t seen everything there is to see.  So many shops and restaurants and kiosks.


I bought produce, but not this.




The flowers are always so beautiful.




Seattle is really one of the dopest cities.   There’s so much street art.  I never get tired of what I see and I always see new stuff too.


We went to a reading at the Seattle Public Library.  It was really inspiring.  I have now added to my bucket list reading my own work at SPL.


 My husband was a real sport and let me go to all 3 spice stores downtown: Marketspice (in Pike), World Spice Merchant (behind the market, on Western), and Penzey’s Spices.  I cook really simply on Whole 30, and I don’t like to follow a huge recipe.  These spices allow me to make easy recipes really flavorful.  I used to just use old spices that I had moved with me from apartment to apartment and replacing them made such a difference to my cooking.  I also got some tea: Licorice, Orange Cinnamon, and Gingerbread.

We also went to Moorea Seal, my absolute favorite store in Seattle.  The curation there is impeccable.  I want everything for my dream house/ wardrobe.


Today, I went to see Idina Menzel in If/Then.  It was amazing.  I really loved it.  Obviously, she was unbelievably good.  Her voice is crazy.  The whole cast was so good and I loved the story.  What if you made a different choice?  How would it change everything?  It’s not the first time I’ve seen this idea of the butterfly effect, but this wasn’t all chaotic happenings, it was following through with choices and then where that could take you.  Would you choose differently to save yourself from future hurts?  What is the point of worrying about the future if anything can cause anything?  I’ve been feeling like I’m on a precipice lately in some regards and I found it really moving and all around really well done.  But, seriously- I sat in the same room as Idina Menzel!  Her voice was unparalleled.  We don’t often get such big names here and it was a total treat.  I’m a Broadway Baby; I love a fantastic show and this was one of the best ones I’ve seen lately.


And then I bought my spirit animal in the form of this jacket.  I have wanted a leather jacket forever and now I have this beautiful thing.  It’s like buttah.  I couldn’t resist it.  I want to pet it; it’s so soft.

So, all in all, a pretty fantastic weekend in what I think is going to be an amazing month and holiday season.

Where are your favorite places to go to in Seattle?

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